Sleep and regenerate daily

in our high quality natural beds.. 

Our vacation apartments are equipped with high-quality natural beds. In natural beds the materials which are used have a positive effect on relaxation and sleep quality. Therefore, only the highest quality elements are used for the bed construction. 

The content of the “Dream Beds” are made of pure natural, breathable cotton, filled with 100% organic wool obtained from free-range sheep. The bed stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the wool pillows and blankets provide a completely natural way to a harmonious sleep and dry-warm bed climate. 

Untreated ash-tree 

The unique clamping force of the untreated ash-tree wood lamella and the natural elasticity of natural rubber are the success factors for the orthopedic comfort and support of the body 

during sleep. Here, the free-swinging lamellar grid is at the center. With its ability to store solar energy, ash wood is making a further important contribution to regenerate new life energy. 

Hüsler Nest, the original Swiss natural bed

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